Local Grants

Many grants and financial support streams are area specific either being managed internally by BHBH or by the councils themselves. These may have different criteria including low income, age or health and can be used for a variety of heating and insulation measures. As BHBH is funded by Local Authorities throughout Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, we will always have the latest information and contacts to access any available schemes.

Buckinghamshire – Better Housing Better Health Grant

Grants of up to £2,500 for energy efficiency measures for owner occupied homes where someone has a respiratory illness or cardiovascular disease. Measures include insulation, draught proofing and replacement outside doors or windows. To access the grants, referrals are made by a health or social care professional. Anyone who thinks they could be eligible for support from Better Housing Better Health Grant can download and complete the referral form below and get it signed by a health or social care professional.

Download Referral Form