BHBH service expands into North Eat with Northern Power Grid

Better Housing Better Health (BHBH) is extending the call for help to even more communities. We’re thrilled to announce our recent expansion into Yorkshire, Durham, Tyne and Wear, and Northumberland, all made possible through a vital partnership with Northern Power Grid (NPG).

This partnership goes beyond advice; It allows us to extend our reach to more communities, offering a wider range of essential services such as energy bill guidance, income maximisation, and funding access. With the expertise and resources of network operators, our operations become more efficient and effective. Moreover, their shared vision of ensuring every home is warm, safe, and comfortable aligns perfectly with our mission, reinforcing our commitment to residents’ well-being.

If you’re in Yorkshire, Durham, Tyne and Wear, or Northumberland, reach out to us. Your journey to a warmer, safer, and more comfortable home starts with a call to our dedicated team.

Thank you for being part of this phase of our mission. Together, we’ll make homes where warmth, safety, and well-being thrive. Stay tuned for more updates and inspiring stories from the BHBH family!