Keeping cool this summer

Actions to take to prepare for hot weather 

  • Install blinds or curtains 

Homes with large east, west or south-facing windows which do not have shade from the sun (for example by shutters, curtains or blinds) are more likely to overheat.  Metal blinds and dark curtains may absorb heat and make the room warmer – it is best to use pale curtains or reflective materials. 

  • Grow plants 

Growing plants outside can provide shade, which may be particularly helpful in front of south-facing windows, while plants inside may help cool the air. 

  • Ventilate and insulate your home 

Switch on your ventilation system if you have one, or ask installers for advice if insulating or refurbishing your home. 

Insulating your home will keep cool air in, and warm out of your property. Please contact us on 0800 107 0044 for more information on grants for insulating your home. 

  • Check on your appliances 

Check that fridges, freezers, and fans are working properly, for example by checking that your food is remaining cold or frozen. Low-efficiency appliances can release excess heat, such as poorly insulated hot water systems. 

Actions to take during hot weather

  • Seek shade 

Shade or cover windows, or move to a cooler part of the house. It may be cooler outside in the shade or in a public building (such as places of worship, local libraries, or supermarkets) so consider a visit as a way of cooling down if you are able to safely travel there without putting yourself at more risk from the heat. 

  • Reduce unnecessary heat 

Check that your heating is turned off, turn off lights and electrical equipment that are not in use, and consider cooking at cooler times of the day. 

  • Increase cool airflow 

Open windows (when it is safe to do so) when the air feels cooler outside, for example at night, and try to get air flowing through the home. Use electric fans if the air temperature is below 35°C, but do not aim the fan directly at your body as this can lead to dehydration. A 12-inch 35W desk fan would cost just over 1p an hour to run so about 10p if you leave it on all night. * 

  • Keep your body cool and hydrated 

Have plenty of cold drinks, avoid excess alcohol, caffeine and hot drinks, and take cool showers or baths. Wearing loose cotton, a damp cloth/scarf on the back of the neck and frequently splashing your face with cold water will help keep your body cool. 


*according to MSE –,leave%20it%20on%20all%20night